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The Bug Ball - Case of 12 - avg cost per unit $20.83. MSRP $39.00

The Bug Ball - Case of 12 - avg cost per unit $20.83. MSRP $39.00

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The Bug Balls' purpose is to catch and hold pesky biting insects that never seem to leave us alone! Horseflies, yellow flies, deer flies, greenhead flies, and many more biting insects are on the shortlist of insects that the Bug Ball is most effective at eliminating.

Every Bug Ball is created from heavy duty-weather resistant-black PVC and formed into a ball with the signature molded loop on the top and an inflation port on the side. The molded loop on the top of the Bug Ball allows you to hang the device from a tree, pole, or shepherd's hook. To ensure maximum effectiveness suspend the ball approximately 4-5 ft off the ground- the Bug Ball works best with Catch Em' sticky coating.

Catch Em' is an odorless Eco- Friendly bug killer with NO pesticides or electricity needed to kill those irritating biting insects. Catch Em' is also safe to use around children and pets. It takes an average of 2-3 Bug Balls to cover 1 acre effectively. It works excellent in greenhouses, pool areas, backyards, gardens, animal stables or shelters, orchards, barns, cabins, and many more places. v v
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